Corrosion Protection

JAK has been a problem solver in the field of corrosion protection since the company started up in 1917. This is still one of our most important areas of focus.

Today we supply products and solutions for a number of areas:

  • Maintenance coatings for ballast tanks on ships.
  • Coatings for galvanized structures.
  • Interior linings for tanks for a number of different uses.

In short, we offer tailormade solutions for a large number of substrates and enviroments. Get in touch, and we will assist you in finding an optimal solution to your corrosion problem. If we do not have it, we know where to find it!

Corrosion Power Plant

Jak has approved solutions to corrosion problems in power plants.

We currently have 3 products with the approval of the waterways in power plants:

  • Practon 85 Light, a 2 component epoxy, high solids
  • Versapox, 2 component solvent free epoxy
  • Humidur, 2 component solvent free epoxy with unique properties

We have over the years delivered solutions to more 10's power plant

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Powerplant Pipelines

Corroded or fouled pipelines is poor economy for the power plant. This leads to power loss, which in many cases leads to lost revenue in millions.

It goes without saying that therefore an upgrade of the pipelines is good economics.New corrosion treatment is expensive, but is still a very good investment with short pay back period.

Our products have proven after years of use, that they provide good protection, and smooth pipes for decades. The same is the case with external protection of pipelines.

Fade Resistant products with excellent application properties and long life gives the user the choice:

  • Low cost rates. per square meter. year life = Cost Effective Solution
  • Several of our solutions are approved for use in drinking water.


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