Corrosion Protection

JAK has been a problem solver in the field of corrosion protection since the company started up in 1917. This is still one of our most important areas of focus.

Today we supply products and solutions for a number of areas:

  • Maintenance coatings for ballast tanks on ships.
  • Coatings for galvanized structures.
  • Interior linings for tanks for a number of different uses.

In short, we offer tailormade solutions for a large number of substrates and enviroments. Get in touch, and we will assist you in finding an optimal solution to your corrosion problem. If we do not have it, we know where to find it!


Whether it's tanks in the mountains or in the open air, we have products and solutions to corrosion out.

If the tanks containing water, fuel or chemicals, so we can tailor solutions for interior protection.


Diesel, petrol, low sulphur or high sulphur fuels are no problems for our coatings.

Come up with a specification of what you want to store, and we will come up with a coating solution that lasts.

Jet Fuel and Containers

It is of extreme importance that jet fuel is not contaminated by corrosion products from the containers it is stored in.

Also that the products used to coat the insides of these tanks do not leach chemicals into the fuel, or is dissolved by it.

We can offer several well documented solutions with long and proven track records.

Water Tanks

Coming soon